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With the National Orchestra of Spain, conducted by Josep Pons


Who said fear?

A Greek proverb says: While the timid reflect, the brave go, triumph and return.
Manuel Blanco returns with Fearless, the trophy of bravery.
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The Modern Trumpeter of the 21st Century: Manuel Blanco Gómez-Limón

The world of music today contains an incredibly complex cosmos of styles and trends, richer than in any previous epoch. We listen to new genres such as rap or techno along with jazz, classical music or contemporary productions, covering music from diverse ethnic groups and even the song of birds and whales.

[…] In this rich era was born Manuel Blanco Gómez-Limón, whose talent already emerged at an early age and was fortunately promoted by a group of the best teachers: among others, Professor José Ortí, former trumpet soloist of the Spanish National Orchestra, and the conductor, trumpet player, musicologist, professor and Dr. Martín Baeza-Rubio, former trumpet soloist of Berlin’s German opera.
I had the good fortune and honor to meet this young man in Spain, and from the first moment of our collaboration there was a deep sense of understanding, empathy and friendship. His musical comprehension always expresses it starting from sound, developing an enormous impulsivity and tenderness that leaves you breathless. The trumpet here becomes an acoustic chameleon of all the expressive possibilities of music in its respective epochs. […]

Manuel Blanco performs in all the registers this instrument of kings. And he knows how to shine in all facets.

Manuel is an enigma for me, a miracle, I don’t understand him. It’s crazy… sensitive and strong at the same time. So many things… I don’t understand this man, he’s too much for me.

Reinhold Friedrich